Trucking Accidents

Truck Accidents are almost always catastrophic due to the significant size of most trucks that are on the road. It is their size that is a major contributor to why these accidents can result in such severe injuries and even death. Semi-truck wrecks, especially, tend to lead to devastating results and, unfortunately, these accidents are too common for a number of reasons.

The commonality of the accidents tends to be the result of driver negligence and defective mechanical parts. Sometimes, poor maintenance can be blamed and this means that someone other than the driver may be responsible. Truck drivers are held to very high standards in Georgia. This is because their vehicles are large and they are dangerous. The drivers are expected to not drive beyond a certain number of hours and they must keep from hauling loads that are too large. Drivers must also submit to drug and alcohol tests on a regular basis. What is unfortunate is that there are many trucking companies that don’t adhere to the testing regulations and that can be devastating for another person on the road. The same applies to the background checks they are supposed to perform.

The statistics state that the most common reasons for truck accidents involve driver fatigue and driver negligence. Speeding, overloaded freight, and drug use are other common causes. It is very important that your Georgia truck accident attorney evaluates every aspect of the case, including trucking logs in order to determine the cause. It may be found that the truck was not maintained properly or that there was a mechanical defect that is the responsibility of the manufacturer that created the defective part.

No matter the cause, you do have rights and that means you have the right to have your case evaluated to see whether or not you have a case so that you can recover compensation for the damages done to you. Was a big-rig truck or semi-tractor trailer truck involved in your accident? Many times errors can be traced to driver fatigue, lack of experience or poor training and supervision by the trucking company. If you’re undergoing long and difficult medical treatments and bills are piling up while your income dwindles, our top-rated Georgia personal injury lawyers can help. If you would like our help, contact us as soon as possible.
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